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About Us

Founded with a thought to strive to serve and improve the current scenario of providing service and the mode of revenue generation.A team of change hungry minds inspired by Nature, with a zeal to evolve as the next best to the most perfect and balanced scene of the universe -“the nature”.


A business house with its vested interests diversified into the field of media and Vehicular Services , where we witness a huge potential to be harnessed yet. The promise of evolving India is an immense motivation for us young at minds business men. The new technology and its benefits to india again are immense and grave on the beneficial direction to motivate every indian to go digital. Hence garnering ideas to engage people with many new concepts and innovations enabling companies like Bilwam to provide a better world with our service and easily available money making methodologies..


We have rested our fortunes into the industry of advertising and Operating a novel multi party benefitting cab service. All with a dream to excel and prosper together with our clients be it the passenger or the driver.