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Welcome to Bilwam India Media Private Ltd.

Bilwam India believes in having the Strategic concept for better opportunities to create winning scenarios…

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Our Services

To give real service one must add something which cannot be bought or measured that is with sincerity & integrity and above all the promise of brotherhood towards fellow beings.

Cherish Relish Enjoy Gratification Contentment and many more words to describe our feeling to serving you with : Digital Marketing, Publishing, On Vehicle Advertising.

Digital Marketing


If you wish to amplify your reach by multiplying the presumed specific targeted audience then, Digital Marketing at Bilwam India is most....

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BILWAM Opportunities is a weekly magazine focused on the regional and local offers and deals. It is targeted at obsessive compulsive casual needy ....

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Vehicle Advertising


Dot just be another brand trying hard to be visible - be the one visible more prominently. When, as a profit making business you invest....

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About Us

Founded with a thought to strive to serve and improve the current scenario of providing service and the mode of revenue generation. A team of change hungry minds inspired by Nature, with a zeal to evolve as the next best to the most perfect and balancedscene of the universe -“the nature”.

A business house with its vested interests diversified into the field of media and Vehicular Services , where we witness a huge potential to be harnessed yet.

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